Jun 5, 2008

Repost: CrossFit - June 5

Originally posted on another blog I write anonymously, but re-posted here because I want this blog to represent my entire journey since starting CrossFit.

Went to Elements class again tonight. This was an upper body centric day. We covered form for one-arm push presses, strict over head presses (one arm), and some kind of a rowing movement that involved a squat, can't remember the name. Oh yeah, and wall ball.

Once that painfulness was over, we got down to business and did a circuit. I think it was 30 seconds on for each exercise, and the one-armed strict overhead presses were 15 seconds for each arm.
- jumping pullups
- strict overhead one arm press
- reverse pullups on the rings
- pushups

The arms were hurting pretty bad afterward, so I didn't even attempt to mow the lawn. It's going to take me forever to do it tomorrow - the grass is so high, I'll have to mow in tiny little strips or the lawn mower will just cut out from being clogged with grass. I've been mowing just about every Friday night lately. Very exciting.

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