May 3, 2010


1000m row
50 thrusters (45/25)
30 pullups

Results:  18:10

HORRIBLE doesn't even begin to describe the trainwreck of this WOD for me. Previous times for this WOD were 14 minutes and 10 minutes, using a blue band for pullups.

I know if I had done this WOD in March or April it would've been more like 12 minutes. Regressing, instead of progressing, is such a fucking bummer.

It's mainly a crappy kip (which for me comes from a crappy attitude) that killed my pullups today. I was 3/4 kipping, 1/4 deadhanging. Not effective at all.

We're supposed to be doing lots of "girls' this month at the box. Should be a mother fucking train wreck...


  1. Get inside your mind and "regroup". Positive thoughts will produce positive results. Your kip will get better! See the pull the pull up. *grin*

  2. It's all good! What did you eat today? Nutrition is the foundation for max performance!

  3. Do what you need to to improve those pull ups then. You have the training. Even if you need to grab a band for a week and rebuild some of the strength, do it. Pride is all a part of these workouts. For me I tend to suck at everything these days and have heard my post partum workouts will resemble ground zero of crossfit so I'm trying not to let my pride get in the way too much.

    Is it strength or form that's sucking? you're pretty strong in your upper body, so my guess would be something isn't right in the form. Either way can't one of the trainers at your box give you a hand?

  4. Hey, I've been there. I know it sucks. Last year, my kip vanished for about a week. I looked like a dying fish attached to the bar. Not pretty!

    But hang in there. I know you'll get it back. It takes patience and a dash of humility. Get some! Stay positive--you'll see gains soon! Didn't you just get a shoulder press PR?? That is one of the hardest to see gains on! Focus on times and loads, not the scale!