Nov 14, 2009

Back in the saddle on Saturday

Back from my day off, and feeling good. :)

Since Husbeetle had to go in to work this morning, I went to the 9:30am workout at the gym. Normally on the weekends I do something with him in the afternoon, but he ran before going to work.


Complete the following exercises using a deck of cards. For aces, do double the number of the exercise you just completed.
  • Spades = Squats
  • Hearts = star jumps
  • Diamonds = Push Ups
  • Clubs = Sit Ups
This was pretty fun, we didn't do it for time, just did it as a group. I wanted to do all the pushups on my toes, but we got several diamonds in a row, and I had to drop to my knees or everybody would've had to wait for me to do them one at a time. The star jumps are freakin' killer! Those things make my quads burn. They're like a cruel variant of jump squats...

Should definitely add a deck of cards to my little "travel WOD" kit. I think Husbeetle would enjoy going all-out on this for time.

Today was pretty memorable because after my warm up, I jumped on the bar to work on my kipping swing, and got my first kipping pullup! After that first one, I immediately did another just to see if I really could do it. Woot!

I'm so happy that I still had one more left in me for Husbeetle to catch on video this afternoon at the pullup bars outside his office. Here's the kind of poor quality video

It looks pretty sloppy, I don't achieve chin-over-bar in one fluid motion, but I yank it up!

I still haven't achieved "do a dead hang pullup". I'm making it my goal to do that by Christmas. I think one month of working my kips without the band, and working my dead hangs with the band, along with all the other WODs I'll be doing, should get me there.

A few more thoughts on achieving goals...

I tend to build my goals up in my head, and make them into these monsters that only a Herculean effort could attain.

But the truth is, most of my goals follow naturally from very simple things, like getting my butt to the gym every day, and giving it my best.

When I completed my first sprint triathlon, which was a "big deal" goal for me, it was actually a huge let down. I guess I thought I would have some kind of epiphany just by swimming, biking and running in succession for 2 hours on a Sunday morning? I was also bummed to be there alone with no one to share the experience with.

Today when I kipped 3/4 of the way to the bar, and than "spasmed" myself up the last 1/4 (watch the video, you'll see what I mean :-p), I was totally stoked! And I was also totally stoked that everybody else seemed to just be doing their own thing, talking, warming up, whatever -- not even paying a bit of attention to me.

I enjoyed my little private triumph, giggled at how awkward it must've looked, and then jumped back up to try again. No fanfare needed.

I'm over having epiphanies, or getting attention, or whatever, for achieving my goals. It should just make you feel good inside, not let down.

I know I'm kind of contradicting myself by posting this, and saying "yay me, look at my video". But hey, it's my blog, and I am the embodiment of contradictions, so you'll just have to deal with it. :-p

PS - Sorry for the closeup of my boob at the end of the video! I guess that's what you get when you make my husband the camera man. :-p

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