Nov 12, 2009

Needed a rest day, worked out anyway...

Ugh, I wish I had taken a day off today... It was my fourth day in a row, and I'm beat down.


Row 2000m for time

rest, then...

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for time of:
  • power clean (95lbs/65)
  • ohs (95lbs/65)

Row: 8:51
PC & OHS: 17:37 (65, 45)

I didn't PR on the row today. Boo. I need to row "fresh" one of these days, and see how it goes. My PR was after a hang power snatch session at CrossfitKoP. I think I didn't go into this with quite the right attitude -- a little more "OMG I'm dying" was probably in order. I know I will get less than 1/2 that in my 1000k for Jackie next week.

I'm happy with how I did in the 2nd part of the workout. I thought 45 was a good weight since 55 is my PR 1RM. Cleans were cake. I had to put down the bar during the long sets of OHS's, but by 7 I was able to do them straight through.

Gotta go shower, movie at 7:05 with hubby. :)

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  1. You better take a day off today and get plenty of fat!! Recover, recover.