Jun 12, 2010


Drafted this the day I did the WOD, just now publishing...

I have been obsessed with overhead squats lately. So I'm not surprised that I woke up this morning with the idea of throwing down on "Nancy". I hit the gym early, before it got too hot (it was in the high 90's today), and also waaaaaaay before my husband was even thinking about getting out of bed. :)

This benchmark was on my goals list, so good on me for finally getting it checked off. :-D
5 rounds for time
400m run
15 overhead squats (95/65)
Results: 26:28, Rx

The thing that made this WOD so full of win was doing every set of OHS *unbroken*. Hell yes!

In hindsight, it took a minute or two of rest after each run to get my breath under control, but I admit that "feats of strength" impress me more than metcon performance (fast times). So I tend to do what I need to do to be super-strong -- which usually means I sacrifice the cardio aspect of WODs so I can do heavier loads. Yes, a bias of mine, but I just get so pumped up when I am lifting heavy shit off the ground and over my head. Forgive me for indulging a bit of work on my strengths. :-D

Also of note, I snatched the bar from the ground on each round. On round 5, I snatched the bar and immediately dropped it. Then snatched it again, and got the set of 15 unbroken.

Something I learned doing this WOD -- breathing in and out while performing OHS is an art form. It reminded me of learning to breath while doing pushups.

I need to test 1RM on OHS -- with 15 reps at 65, I can probably beat my old 1RM at 85.

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  1. awesome job on going unbroken on this one!!!