Jun 17, 2010

Quick WOD at the base gym

I'm guessing on the date for this one. I have it written in my notebook, and I remember doing it at the base gym, but I'm not sure what evening I did it... Maybe it was a weekend? I dunno. This is good enough. :)

Modified from a workout I did at CF KoP over the winter, and really liked. I pulled down the # of reps on kb swings to make sure I was done quickly because my husband was waiting for me to finish up so we could go home.
10 pullups, 10 kb swings, 20 squats
9 pullups, 9 kb swings, 18 squats
8 pullups, 8 kb swings, 16 squats
1 pullup, 1 kb swing, 2 squats

Results: 20:04

There's one place in the base gym where I can do kipping pullups, and it's a squat rack -- I use these weird sloped handle-things that are attached to the rear cross bar. They hurt my hands, and I hate them, and because they're sloped I can't mix my grip from overhand to underhand and that all just pisses me the F off. Everytime my husband came within earshot during this WOD, I was f-boming all over the place bitching to him about the pullup bar.

I mention this just because it cracks me up how pissy I get while WOD-ing. I'm really such a wuss about some stuff! And to think I had you all fooled about how hardcore I am. hehe

All in all, good practice on pullups, and fun doing my kb swings, which I love. :)

In hind sight I should've just left in the longer sets of kb swings - doing 1 swing is just weird. It probably wouldn't have taken that much longer to finish the WOD, though it would have been harder on my hands. Or maybe if I repeat this, I'll leave the kb swings at 10 the whole time, and decrease only pullups and squats. Something to consider.

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