Jun 30, 2010

Long-ass WOD

pull ups
push ups
sit ups
400m run

Results: 50:38

Can you say "c wiss needs to work on her running"? :)

However, c wiss rocked her pullups in comparison to where they were at 2-3 months ago, so she was happy. :)

There were only a few instances where I was doing one at a time, I tried to string at least 2 together most of the time. And I think I got them unbroken starting from 4 or 5 and down to 1. Woot!

The rest of the movements were simple, didn't rest of break sets or anything. Just struggled through the pullups and runs.

This WOD is modified from one called "Dyer", which includes burpees, but only prescribes a 200m run... That sounds a tiny bit easier, but I don't know. I would have to try it out to compare. :)

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