Jul 11, 2010

Alive and kicking

Um, WTF?  How have I gone this long without posting anything here?

Maybe it has something to do with the unpublished draft post titled "Lost: CrossFit Mojo"...

I've still been doing WODs, but definitely not anything close to my dedicated 3-on-1-off I had going for a while.

I got a pullup bar for at home, as well as rings, and the pool I've been lifeguarding at also has a pullup bar that I've been using a lot. I'm working my tiny kip / almost deadhang pullups since that bar is mounted very close to the wall. I get 30 minute breaks throughout the day, and try to do 5 rounds of a Cindy-ish thing -- as many pullups as I can in a row (3-4 usually), 10 pushups and 20 squats.

That must be working, because last Tuesday I did Murph and managed to finish the whole thing. Definitely without the weight vest though! It took me about 90 minutes, and I broke the 100 pullups, 200 pushups and 300 squats into 20 rounds of Cindy. Finished 12 rounds of Cindy in 20 minutes, BTW. Much better than my pitiful performance (7 rounds + 5 pullups) a couple months ago.

Also, I've worked up to 4 unassisted ring dips in a row. It's time to get a freaking muscle up! But I have a new strategy in that area. I would like to start with doing a strict muscle up, instead of trying to fling myself up and into it. We'll see if I stick with that idea, but it's the one I'm thinking about now.

I'm in a bit of a different place with my CrossFitting right now... It's coming up on a year since I really started dedicating myself to this program, and I've definitely seen lots of benefits. But a few things have happened in the last 4 or 5 months that have squelched some of my enthusiasm. The sad thing is that those things are all external, and I have let them affect me. I need to get refocus on what matters to me, what motivates me, why I want to CrossFit, and why I want to coach -- irregardless of whatever else is going on around me.

Also, I'd like to mention that I'm on a 2nd read of the book "Women, Food and God" by Geneen Roth right now, and I highly recommend it to those who have struggles with compulsive overeating. That's an area that I struggle with, and more so when I'm not super-focused on training.

So, hopefully this will get me started with some more regular posting. Not because I think anyone out there is really anxious to read about my WODs (except maybe Angie, thanks for the email girl :p), but because I need to continue to keep this record.

A closing link from CrossFit Fenway: On Blogging.


  1. As much as we like to pretend that we are superhuman, life has a funny way of affecting us even when we don't want to. If you have to take some time off CF to get right with the outside world, do it. Make sure you're ok with you and the world, and then focus on the CF. You may just find it's the best thing you can do for yourself. You may just come back more focused and more energetic about actually working out because you're enjoying it and not stressing about 15 other things. Remember why you started CF. Remember that it's supposed to be fun. If it's not, take a step back and reevaluate. Find your happy place.

  2. Actually I was just thinking today that I hadn't seen much from you lately. Glad you're posting again

  3. I was SO glad to see you post something - I had seriously started to worry that something had happened to you. Yay - you're back!!! :)

    Sometimes you just have to re-group - nothing in the world wrong with that. Don't let external nonsense sway you from your goals.

    Good job on Murph, and good work on your pull ups!

  4. I'm anxious to read! Daniel and I are strict 3 on 1 off mainsiters and it's hard to find other women to be inspired by... not a lot comment on the mainsite and I don't have anyone (ie. a woman) here to talk Crossfit with in "real life." I come over and check this blog often because you always inspire me! So write, woman. Write!