Oct 6, 2009


Today we did "Nancy".

5 rounds for time of:
  • 400 meter run
  • Overhead squat (OHS), 15 reps (95/65)
Results: 19:56, 30lbs on OHS

In hindsight, I maybe could have gone 5lbs heavier on the OHS, up to 35. But I was wary because last time I did OHS in a workout, I tried to use the 45lb bar, and I went over backwards onto my ass at least 3 times, maybe 4. Not pretty. So I worked up from the 15lb bar, and stopped when I felt like it was a good weight for 15 reps.

After the workout was finished I wanted to see how heavy I could go, so I worked up by 5lb increments doing 3-5 squats at each weight. When I hit 50 I felt like that was my upper limit, so next workout I plan to use the 45lb bar and master that weight before moving up any more. Good times.

My runs were kinda sucky. Blah.

Me and two new chicks at the gym worked on hand stands after the cool down. I made a total ass out of myself slamming into the wall and falling onto my head twice. After that I stuck with working on a head stand, and lifting my legs up from there. I'm going to stick with that til I've mastered it, and then try again on the hand stand position. I'm starting from the very bottom on this skill, so it's good that I'm getting started. :) Hopefully all the strength that I'm gaining in my upper body and abs will help speed up my progress.

Still no "naked" pullups, I'm gonna give it another go tomorrow AM. I know I have at least one band-less kipping pullup in me, if I can do 96 with bands!

1 comment:

  1. Yay new girls!

    I do not like doing Nancy. Well, I hate OHS in general.

    I have been doing handstands forever (since I was an itty bitty) and the biggest problem I see with adults learning this skill is that they don't maintain an active shoulder and don't lock out the arm at the elbow. I know you will get it soon!

    My ripped hands say hi to yours!