Feb 15, 2010


thrusters (95/65)

The build-up to this workout was crazy -- I laid in bed last night obsessing about the last time I could remember doing thrusters, which was at CF KoP over Christmas vacation. I distinctly remembered that I could only do 5 at a time, which I verified by checking out the blog post for that WOD just now.

When I was warming up, the 65# bar felt soooooo heavy... I was totally psyching myself out... But then I pumped out 11 thrusters in a row on my first set. Hollah!! I think I'm more impressed by how much better my thrusters are than by the fact that I can do unassisted pullups now. Seriously, those things are a *bitch*, and I really expected to only be able to do 5 at a time.

I feel like my Oly lifts haven't been "there" the last couple weeks, so I'm happy to see very direct evidence that I'm still getting stronger.

Pullups... well, they were kind of what I expected. I did 5 in a row during the first round of 21, and that was the max I could string together. I think I did a set of 3 later on in the WOD, but I'm not sure which round. I got most of them as singles, and a lot of them were "ugly kips" -- my name for kips where I don't get up to the bar, and I have to muscle up the last few inches. Getting more pullups in a row is going to be the key to getting a faster time on this WOD.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for -- my score!


My goal was 10 minutes or under, but I'm still happy with my time. Now that I've done Fran once, I won't be so intimidated by it next time I attempt it. I will kick her ass and get a time under 10!

Side note -- why did I *not* have Fran in the list as one of the benchmark WODs in my 1Q2010 goals? I included most of the WODs that have pullups in them, but skipped over Fran for some reason. Weird. Maybe I was just that intimidated by it... In any case, I am officially adding that WOD to the list, and crossing it off! Woot!

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