Feb 14, 2010

Living room workout

Today I went back to my vacation standby, "Annie", to get my workout in. Plus I have been wanting to do that WOD ever since I had my double under breakthrough.
double unders
Results:  15:10

Holy PR batman! What a relief to finally be able to do double unders and not suck at this WOD. I'm excited. :-D

I do have to say I got stuck at 40 on my first set. It was ridiculous. I missed like 10 attempts. But later in the WOD I did 10 in a row, and at one point I did more than 10 consecutively, though I'm not sure exactly how many it was, maybe 12 or 13.

So I have officially completed that item from my 1Q 2010 goals! Woot! :-D

After "Annie" I walked the dog, then did tabata squats. I did slightly better than I did last time.

01/22/10: 17-15-14-12-13-13-14-13 -- 111
02/14/10: 17-17-15-16-14-15-13-13 -- 120

As a prep for my L1 cert, I'm going to start doing tabata squats at least weekly. And I think I might switch to doing them bottom-to-bottom. The one thing everybody says about the certification seminar is how long you have to hold in the bottom of your squat. So I might as well practice that ahead of time.

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