Feb 2, 2010

100 kipping pullups!

Subbed out the muscle-ups in this WOD with 4x pullups and ring dips. Tough, but do-able. I am blown away that I can say that about a workout like this!

"DJ" - in honor of one of our departing members
5 rounds:
5 muscle-ups
25 wall balls
Results:  47:03 -- sub x4 pullups and ring dips w/ floss

Time on this sucked, I think I could've dialed it in. But it's hard to get that intensity up when muscle failure forces you to stop and rest... I think for the rest of 1st quarter I'm just going to focus on strength. Then when April hits, after the cert, it will be time to work on that intensity, and getting myself mentally strong.

It is shit that I can't do 25 consecutive 14# wall balls; and shit that I can barely do 10 consecutive. I need to be doing those either during warm up, or in cool down, at least once a week. They are a big weakness of mine, and shouldn't be -- I have the strength. It's just getting comfortable with performing the movement.

My pullups were freaking awesome. I managed to get several with chest-to-bar during rounds 1, 2 and 3. Rounds 4 and 5 were more of "just get one at a time, then rest". Left hand ripped a little bit in round 4, right hand ripped in round 5, but also wasn't bad. Near the end I couldn't get the kip that high, and was still able to muscle up that last few inches.

Ring dips -- I thought I'd have to upgrade to the white band in the later rounds, but I didn't. I need to try some jumping dips or negatives to help learn to control the rings and keep them close to the body. I think my strength is there for doing an unassisted ring dip if I can do 100 with the floss.

All in all, I loved this WOD. The ones that make me nervous beforehand are always the ones that I'm happiest to finish. I feel like I learn about myself from a workout that scares me.

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