Feb 9, 2010

Lifting heavy things over my head

Hit up 0830am class this morning because I have a massage at 3pm. Finally using my "spa day" gift certificate my husband got me for my birthday. He rocks. :)

press 3-3-3  --  65-75-75
push press 3-3-3  --  85-90-95
push jerk 3-3-3  --  95-100-105(2x, failed on 3)
AMRAP in 6 min of:
3 clean & jerks (135lbs/85)
9 push ups
Results:  5 rounds, 3 C&Js

My cleans felt sloppy, though I don't know why? Maybe it's just my posterior chain still being freaking wrecked by the damn 1/2 marathon. Still just not feeling "right".

Though it could be all the crap food I "treated" myself to as a reward for running 13 miles. Dumbass move on my part.

Pushups were all on toes, though I got some good feedback from Mandy afterwards that I was sagging. I know I feel my hips touch the groun first at times, but I didn't realize it was that bad... I need to video some pushups to get a visual. And also I need to get stricter with myself. Now that I'm past doing them on my knees, time to tighten up on form while on toes. Especially since I want to do a competition some time this year -- I don't want reps thrown out for crappy form.

Speaking of which -- note to self to follow posts at CrossFit Garage, because they hold quarterly competitions. Also watch the affiliate page on the main site...

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