Feb 16, 2010

Chilly Tuesday morning, fitness education update

I was feeling stiff and sore when I woke up, but husband is off work early this afternoon, so I needed to get a WOD in for my 3rd day. Did this WOD at the 0830 with two of my fav CF peeps -- Allie and Paul, so that made it better. :)
3 rounds for time:
400m run
20 power snatch (70/50)
15 ring dips

Results:  22:?? -- can't remember my exact time
Didn't have as much intensity today as I did yesterday -- I think I used it all up on Fran. :) However, I do think my runs were decent. I still need to hit up the track for some legit 400m sprints. Note to self -- go on a day it's not super-windy and 30 degrees. :)

Rings dips were frustrating... I couldn't even do 5 in-a-row to start like I usually can... But my shoulder is a bit tweaked from the 10 minutes of HSPU the other day, so that might be affecting me. On Sunday I tried to do tabata pushups after my tabata squats, and just collapsed after 2 rounds. Seems like it's a tiny bit of tendonitis. Time to go heavy on the ibuprofen, and lay off the shoulder exercises for the rest of the week. Thrusters and pulups last night didn't feel bad, but they probably didn't help...

Snatches felt solid. I'd like to try some heavy snatches and snatch balances soon -- I haven't ever done those, so I'd just like to get a feel for them.

Blogger totally lost my update I just typed up... Argh! Here's a quicker and shorter version.

Since I'm already helping to coach at CF Camden, and I'm scheduled to get my CF Level I Trainer certification in March (1 month to go, woot!), I decided that I need to get moving fully in the direction of learning to be the best trainer that I can.

As of yesterday, I am officially enrolled in 3 certification classes through ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).
  1. Personal Trainer Certification
  2. Fitness / Exercise Therapist Certification
  3. Senior Fitness Certification
I'm really, really lucky because as a military spouse I have access to a tuition reimbursement program for training in portable career fields, which includes fitness careers. That's what is making it possible for me to take these classes, and I am so grateful that I have the time to devote to completing them right now. 

In addition to taking those courses, I'm also signed up for a Lifeguard Training course at our local rec center. That will include training in first aid, CPR and AED. I think it will just help me be a more well-rounded coach, and also give me confidence that I can deal with any health/safety issues that might arise. I'd also like to look into teaching a water aerobics course on base, since that is something they don't have right now. And hopefully I can make some money lifeguarding if I can't find any paying gigs for training. :)

The next year is looking super-bright, I'm so excited to be learning and trying so many new things. :)

Great "what is CrossFit" summary to give your friends and family, from CrossFit Coastal, whose box I would love to visit someday, so I can meet TStorm, a fellow badass military spouse. :-D


  1. Wow - you have a lot of training coming up! That is fantastic you get tuition reimbursement. Our military families deserve everything we can give them!!!

    I'm envious of your ring dips. Some day!!! :-)

  2. It's Erin from Erin's Adventures! Thanks for the post on my blog...I've stopped by yours several times and need to link it on mine!

    Congrats on all the training coming up!! I just signed up for the Level I cert in Milan, Italy in May. Thanks for the links to the other training. Since moving to Germany I've put my government career on pause, but would love to get the personal training cert which i saw can be done online. Now to go to ACS or whatever and see about that tuition reimbursement! Did you get it for the CF cert?

  3. My best friend's husband (and my husband's bf) worked as a trainer at Crossfit Coastal for a couple of years. :)