Nov 16, 2009

Jackie - 2nd round


For time:
  • 1000m row
  • 50 thrusters (45/25)
  • 30 pullups
Results: 10:19

Previous results: 14:14 according to the spreadsheet in the gym, 14:21 according to what I wrote down

It looks like I brought my time down quite a bit, but a big part of my first time was switching from one band to the other in the middle of everything. I thought I could use the white band, but couldn't get any pullups with it, so I had to switch to the blue. I had the blue set up and ready to go this time.

That said, I know my row was faster. Also, I was able to do big sets of thrusters: 25-10-15. I was pretty freaking proud of those, let me tell you.

Gross moment of the day: I spit into the front of my sports bra 3 times. I just had to spit! And I had nowhere else to do it! This is why I have to go to a CrossFit gym where no one cares instead of a "nice" gym. :-D

I worked on my headstands after the WOD. Right now I start off in "tripod" position, with hands and forehead on the mat, and knees balanced on my elbows. Then I work on slowly raising my legs and keeping balanced. I got up into a full headstand today, with my legs straight, which rocked. I'm doing a ton better with these. I did a few self-spotted handstand pushups after that. And finally I did 3 kipping pullup attempts, and on my last one I just about got chin up to the bar in one fluid motion! Woot! I need to start attempting dead hangs as well -- I'm good on the 2nd half of the motion, but not sure I can get started from a hang with just my arms and shoulders.


  1. Did you watch Adrienne's video on kipping pull-ups? Daniel said it's really good. I haven't watched it yet but I will... I did two pullups on the smallest band tonight. Whoo-hoo, right :) But it was after I did a kickboxing workout and the "Bear Complex" and I was whooped!

    You are doing so awesome!!


  2. Bear complex! I am *dying* to try that!

    And yes, I just watched her kipping video this weekend -- OPEN THE HIPS! I am taking it to heart, and that's how I almost got my first non-ugly kip. :)

    Once I hit the smallest band it was a matter of weeks until I got my 1st w/out a band. Just make sure you do a few each time you're in the gym -- grease the groove baby!

  3. Adrienne's video is good--the cue that helped me was "poke your head through". As in, on the first part of the movement when you're starting your kip, peek your head through your shoulders like a turtle to make your body like a "C". That really helped me get more momentum.