Mar 24, 2010

"DT" and catch-up

Yes, I am going to post about the cert. But my sister is here visiting (an unexpected, yet delightful surprise!) so that may take a few more days. I have some notes written down about my thoughts, and I'll add some more to that as well.

Monday I just did swim class, since I was still feeling a bit sore from the cert. Tuesday I took a total rest day, and skipped swim and CrossFit. Tonight it was back in the pool, with a WOD afterwards with the CF Camden trainers.

Five rounds for time of:
155 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
155 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps
155 pound Push jerk, 6 reps

Results:  15:36 @ 85#

Deads were unbroken all 5 rounds. Cleans were in random sets. Did a few rounds of unbroken push jerks, maybe 3 of the 5. Cleans were definitely the limiting factor in this WOD.

The "traditional" women's scale would be 105#, Dave prescribed 95#. After finishing the WOD, I was left wondering if I should've done 95... I always feel that way after I scale. But after an hour in the pool, I didn't think I could handle the 95# hang power cleans.

Good WOD overall.

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  1. I always question myself after I scale down too. It's because we know we should have done the Rx weight.

    The way I look at that WOD is, if you can do the cleans at that weight, the other two are a piece of cake. That's the question really, can you do cleans at 95#?