Mar 14, 2010

Intervals on vacation - oldie but goodie

Today I re-purposed a vacation WOD that I originally got from the former CrossFit Philly, now Urban Athlete.

4 rounds. 1 minute of each exercise. ~2 minutes rest between rounds.
  1. Deep In & Outs
  2. Thrusters (used 12# dbs I found in my sister's basement)
  3. Reverse Lunges
  4. T-stabilization pushups
  5. Planks
My quads were really hurting from this! Considering it was my quads that crapped out during bottom-to-bottom tabata squats a few days ago, maybe that is my weakest spot in my legs right now. Holding the plank after doing lunges and pushups was just *killing* the quads. On the second round I actually dropped out of the plank in the middle. Yikes! Time to put those on the board for cool down more often. :)

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