Mar 16, 2010

Deadlifts and pushups - mainsite WOD

Today we did the mainsite WOD from March 10.
10 rounds for time:
15 deadlift (135/85)
15 pushups
Result:  20:15

This was my second day of doing the 6pm class after my 1 hour swim class from 4-5. My arms / shoulders were already tired before attempting this!

But at the same time it feels good to do my own little version of "two-a-days". :)

All my pushups were on the toes, and I am feeling stronger with them every day. I did the first set unbroken, and then started off each subsequent round with at least 5 in a row. This was a great prep WOD for my first attempt at Cindy, which I am planning on undertaking sometime before the end of March.

Deadlifts felt great. At this weight, it wasn't my legs that gave out, it was my grip / forearms. My back also felt great, so I know that means I've improved a lot on form. Even just that short time that I worked on PTP really really helped improve my form.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work in this! Maybe I need to try the PTP to get those deadlifts faster...

    Good luck at the Cert this weekend! Let us know how it goes! I used your link to start studying for my cert in May! :)