Mar 10, 2010

PTP Day what?

Monday morning my regularly scheduled life was interrupted by some kind of stomach bug or food poisoning. EWWWWW.

No stomach pains or other "issues" on Tuesday, but I was just "blah" and husband was away for work stuff, so I ended up skipping that day too.

As of today everything is back to normal, except I feel funky due to eating toast and peanut butter while I was sick. I just couldn't really think of anything else to eat. Other than bananas and applesauce. I am thanking God I didn't throw up, because I hate throwing up.

I am not sure where to "restart" with my PTP, because I am leaving Friday AM to go out of town for the weekend. The one bad thing about working on deadlifts is that you can't really do it "on the go"...

I have a trainer's meeting tonight -- I could arrive early for that and get my deadlifting in them... we shall see...

Since I was feeling unsure about how to continue my PTP program, I went ahead and attended the 0830 WOD at my box. It was a tabata day. We did bottom-to-bottom squats, pushups, double unders and situps.

Squats: 18-15-13-11-8-7-7-6
Pushups: 10-8-7-6-5-5-5-5
Double unders: 9-9-7-6-9-9-10-7
Situps: 15-14-12-11-11-11-10-10

My only "victory" today was the double unders. Everything else was crappy.

For squats, I think I just wasn't focusing? Instead of moving through the pain and cramping, I just let it cripple me and stop me from moving. Good practice for my cert (holy crap it's in 10 days!). Hoping I can get 3-4 more practice sessions of bottom-to-bottom before then.

And what the heck was up with my situps? Total crap. Pushups were passable.

In any case, I'm just glad my ass was back in the gym. I was feeling very de-motivated yesterday, and it worried me.

This video is freaking cool. I love Oly lifting. It was posted by Ultimate CrossFit.

If this could be my dad too, I would be sooooooooo happy and thankful. Unfortunately he has no interest in quitting smoking. And it's not even like he is married to someone who smokes and that's what's stopping him. It's the other way around -- my mom has had to put boundaries on where he's allowed to smoke to try to protect herself. No more smoking in the house at all (he used to smoke in his office), no more smoking in the car when she's riding with him.

*sigh* I hate that he smokes, and that he has watched both of his parents (smokers) and one brother (smoker) die of cancer, and he is currently watching another sister (smoker) fight cancer. How does that not get through to you? And the man is obsessive about taking vitamins for prostate health, because prostate cancer runs in the family -- but why can't he come to terms with the fact that quitting smoking is the single most powerful preventative measure that he could take? So frustrating.

OK, sorry, I was just gonna post the link, but then I had to rant. This is something the really, really bothers me. I don't want to watch my nieces and nephews, or my own children if/when I have them, watch their grandfather die of cancer like I had to watch my grandfather die of cancer. It is fucking horrible.

I've finished my first re-read of the Level I cert "manual". If you're curious, here's the link. It's basically a compendium of many of the early issues of the CrossFit journal, the Level II study materials (points of performance and fault correction for 9 foundational movements) and a few articles about rhabdo/safety. It's excellent in my opinion! What a great resource. The early version that one of our coaches sent me did not include everything, so today I will do my first read-through on the new additions, and then I'll be ready for a final re-read of it all next week sometime.

One note on content though -- there is a section on Zone. That is not my thing, so I hope there aren't too many questions on that. I should really make it a point to memorize the carb-fat-protein percentages though, just in case... With my crazy history of disordered eating, the last thing I need to do is weigh and measure. I'm in the food quality camp all the way baby. :)

I am good at taking tests, and the exam at the end of the certification seminar will only be 50 questions, but I am really nervous! Maybe it's just because I haven't taken a test in so long. I also wish there were some practice questions to try out so I could get a feel for the testing format. I will report back here afterwards, and hopefully that will help others who might be nervous. :)

I have been thinking a lot about where I go after my Level I... I read an "affiliate snapshot" on the affiliate blog (which of course I can't find now...), and the interviewee talked about sticking with the basics. There are so many different "extra" certifications that sound really interesting. Endurance, rowing, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, gymnastics, mobility. While it would be amazing to be able to bring specialized knowledge back to my home affiliate, what I really need to focus on is just becoming a coach. Figuring out my own style, learning to manage a class efficiently, finding that sweet spot between correction and encouragement, learning how to get the very best out of each athlete in my class.

It's basically what Glassman talks about in his Virtuosity article.

So with that in mind, the only additional training I'm even considering is the Coaches Prep Course or the Level II Course. I'm intrigued by the prep course, but I'd like to see how the Level I testing shakes out, and how that will impact Level II stuff before I invest any more money.

And of course I'm going to be busy enough with doing the ISSA personal trainer course as well as a few aquatics courses locally. Those two are mainly meant to give me a better chance of getting a paying job at either the local rec center or the base gym, though I'd love to just do CrossFit.


  1. You are just a few days into PTP and the weights should feel really easy so just pick up where you left off. I didn't exactly stay on the rails the whole time either. What I did try to do was to at least get the deadlifts and presses in. That's the goal after all, so make that the priority.

    My first two weeks were spot-on, then I took almost a whole week of pity-party time where I did nothing, maybe one WoD that week. I kinda got back on track but missed a few more workouts since. Last week I was back with a vengeance and did six days of WODs with no rest day - followed by three rest days.

    Which brings me to today. Today I tried for my press 1RM. It was a PR, but not as much as I'd hoped. I made three good attempts at a higher PR and could get the weight to eyeball/forehead height but no more. Let me tell you what's going through my head now - "what if I hadn't slacked off that week", "what if I hadn't missed that WOD", "if I just had one more week to train strict"...

    Don't be there.

  2. Awesome post! Love the video. It's amazing how just the angle of your leg being slightly off can cause you to fail on a lift.

    Sucks about your dad smoking. It's SO hard to quit. I was a smoker for years when I was younger. I quit over 10 years ago and I am so sad to see that my adult son has started to smoke. It just kills me. A person has to want to quit though, I speak from experience.

    Don't worry about the Zone and stuff on your cert. I know a couple of people who are level 1 certified who can barely tie their own shoes, and not sure how they got certified. You're an intelligent, articulate person - you'll do great!