Mar 1, 2010

Restarting PTP

Today I restarted the Whole9 / CF 603 PTP program.

For reference:
Yep, I tried this back in January, and didn't carry through with it. I probably should have tried to get a partner to do it with me, so there was extra motivation to continue with it... Though I do have some virtual partner motivation, since 21st Century Amazon is also doing PTP right now.

Day 1:
  • Deadlift: 5 reps at 110 and 105 (was supposed to be 100, but I screwed up my plates)
  • Press: 5 reps at 50 and 45 (yay starting from new 1RM of 85 on press)
  • Cash-out: 3rds, 30 DUs, 15 K2Es -- 11:45
Some thoughts, as usual.

Keeping my shoulders relaxed at the start of a K2E, when I'm just hanging from the bar, helps A LOT. I am kipping / swinging a bit to start the motion, but to make up for that I am making sure to engage my shoulders and really get up into a good final position before coming back down. I need to take some more video to make sure my back is getting close to parallel to the ground.

I would've done the cash out faster if I didn't have to pee in the middle of my 2nd set of DU's.

Press felt soooooo easy. Deadlift too. I think sticking to this program will be an exercise in patience, and will also teach me a lot about working with future clients who want to get stronger. Since one of my interests is training the older crowd, I think first-hand experience in a gradual strength-building progression will be invaluable. For someone who is older and worried about losing strength, strength gains seem like they would trump metcon / aerobic conditioning in importance.

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    1. Oh to be back at the first day again! I'm on day twenty-six. Some days I'm like "yeah I'm gonna get a huge PR soon", and some days I'm like "is this working at all?". It's fun though.

      I don't have my workouts logged online, but if you have questions about a particular day let me know and I'll look at my notes.

      I also started with an 85# press PR, how karmic! Yesterday I did 70# x 4, so I think that's a good sign.

      My time on the cash-out for day 1 was 11m and 37s (without a pee break). I can't even do KTEs all the way up, my knees get about eyeball height, LOL.