Jan 2, 2010


I sat down yesterday to write goals for 2010, and my sister pointed out that I needed a shorter time frame. So we decided 1Q10 goals would be perfect, especially since my Level I certification will be taking place the weekend of March 20-21, right at the end of 1Q.

Goals for 1Q10

Oly 1RM PRs --
  • Deadlift: 200# (currently 175#)
  • Overhead squat: 90# (currently 55#) (updated 1/12/10, after new 80# 1RM)
  • Power clean: 155# (currently 125#)
Bodyweight --
  • Pullups: 8 kipping in a row; 3 deadhang (updated 1/10)
  • Pushups: 30 "manly style" in a row
  • Ring dips: 1 unasssisted Completed 3/11/10
  • Handstand pushups: 3 (updated 1/10)
Skills --
  • Doubleunders: 10 in a row Completed 2/14/10
  • Knees to elbows: 3 with perfect form (updated 1/10)
  • Row: 2K in 8:30 (~2:08 min/500m pace)
  • Run: 5K in 27:57 (9:00 min/mile pace) Completed 2/20/10 -- 27:10 Bridge Run
  • Run: 1/2 marathon in 2hrs 30mins (Critz Tybee Run Feb 6) Completed 2/6/10 -- 2:20:00
Benchmark WODS --
  • Cindy - unscaled; no assistance on pullups, no "knee" pushups
  • Fran (added 2/16/10) 10:59 on 2/15/10
  • Grace - 95# C&J; under 5 minutes
  • Helen - unscaled; no assistance on pullups (added 1/13/10) Completed 3/11/10
  • Karen
  • Kelly
  • Nancy - 65# OHS
  • Filthy Fifty Completed 3/15/10
Personal growth, learning and contribution to CF community --
  • Develop my own warm-up and cool down routines to reflect goals
  • Research and practice POSE running
  • Complete Level 1 certification
  • 5 more "field trips" to other affiliates: CF Charlotte, CF Amelia Island, CF Hyperperformance (Savannah, GA), and one of the JAX and St. Augustine affiliates
  • Promote community and camaraderie in the box by learning every name and keeping my attitude positive
  • Put time and energy back into our box -- plan & execute two whiteboard projects: tracking individual PRs, and top 5 times for benchmark WODs
  • Participate in Radical Women Q&A with Stephanie Completed 1/20/10 -- link
  • Blog more about emotional/mental lessons I learn from CF, not just WOD recaps
There's "TBD" next to handstand pushups, because I'm not quite sure how to measure my progress in that area. What is the next best incremental step?

Right now I'm doing two things in that area.

One, I'm working on frogstands / headstands during my cooldown after nearly every workout.

Two, I'll be starting a new approach to getting comfortable overhead, thanks to Nikki. She suggested I start next to a wall, facing away. Then walk my feet up the wall until I can't go higher. From there, work on moving my hands back, closer to the wall, so that I get more and more "upright". This will help me get my comfortable upside down, and also help me train my shoulders so they stay active.

This post was inspired by Steph's 2010 goals.

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  1. Whoa, this is sweet!

    I'm supposed to start the regular WODs in June (doing Starting Strength now). I may come back to poach this list and create one for myself!