Jan 21, 2010

Interviewee, and other thoughts

Just wanted to add a little blurb over here about an interview that I did with Steph (from CF KoP) on her blog, Radical Hateloss. If you want to hear more about how I'm a psycho-b**** when there are K2E's in a WOD, you'll want to click over there. :-p

Also, Lisbeth Darsh totally makes my day every time she posts something. Her writing has the perfect hardass, sarcastic edge. This post is amazing.

She makes me want to be a badass female gym owner really, really badly. :)

Why do I discover there's another benchmark WOD that's not in the CF main site FAQ just 2 days after completing my whiteboard project?

I was reading the Athletic Skill Levels from CrossFit Seattle to get ideas for movements to include on my next "arts & crafts" project -- an individual PR whiteboard -- when I see "Christine" in the last row of Level 1 stuff. Dayum!

Sounds like a good one, too. (CF Fire agrees) I consider anything that doesn't require pullups or massively weighted bench press to be good, because then it seems accessible -- i.e., I might have a chance of completing it unscaled. :)
3 rounds for time
500m row
12 deadlift (bodyweight)
21 box jumps (24'')
I think I'll be ready to take on this lady at the end of my PTP deadlift press program... And I might add her to my board too. :)

How did I miss finding this link to the entire PTP program? I was just following the "next post" links from each day to move ahead. Yay, now I can just print out the whole thing! Go me. :)

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  1. Lady....i absolutley loved your answers to the questions. You are amazing. The Lizabeth Darsh essay...is awesome! I find I am not like other women by reading that. I am all about heavy lifting, but i see all the time ladies, discounting their abilities to lift heavy. The other day I had to convince a newbie to use 35lbs for thrusters...she was convinced she would have to lose the bumpers at somepoint. With my encouragement she stuck with it...i bet she felt so much better (and kick ass) for that!