Jan 6, 2010

HSPU breakthrough

Strength: 3-3-3 max rep sets of handstand pushups (HSPU)

This afternoon I had a HSPU breakthrough -- I finally woman'ed-up and got into the crazy harness thing with two bands. Yikes, that felt *strange*. But at least I finally had a positive experience with being upside down. :)

Note to self: a good reason to setup pullup stations next to a wall is so that you can walk your feet up the wall to get upside down when you're using the bands to assist with HSPUs.

**can't find a picture of the assisted HSPU setup; I'll have to take one myself to illustrate next time I write about these**

Overhead Squat (115/80)
Results: 14:30 -- 53.5# OHS (was using a 33.5# ladies bar)

Also of note, I did this from the ground. Which means instead of placing the bar back on the rack, I dropped it to the ground when I had to rest, and then did power snatches (and a couple hang power snatches) to get it back into overhead position.

Bad side effect of that -- I started out with too wide of a grip, and my left wrist was killing me during the first round. That really slowed me down - I was resting more for the wrist than my shoulders or legs. Bryan straightened me out, advising a narrower grip than my usual snatch grip.

Another coaching input from today to remember -- keep the range of motion in the OHS a bit shallower. I am already well-aware that I am a super-deep squatter, I just never thought about how I might be going too deep for the purposes of something like a metcon. Food for thought, I will definitely incorporate that advice in the future.

Kipping video from after the WOD and some wicked planks (thanks Mie!). I actually did two in a row before this video was taken -- had a little bit of trouble getting the recording to start. Hence why I crap out on the 2nd and 3rd attempts that were caught on camera. :) No biggie, all I really wanted was a historical record of my kipping form now, so I can compare it to how I look in 3 months.

Update: Trying to embed the Vimeo video. Also, for some reason it was uploaded upside down? I dunno -- maybe something I need to figure out with my iPod.

Kipping pullups - Jan 6 2010 from c wiss on Vimeo.

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