Jan 8, 2010

Last Ultimate WOD for a while

Today was one of my last WOD's at Ultimate CrossFit -- I'm so glad I had the chance to attend their noon class most of this week. I originally planned to do 5 days on, but the programming had me beat, and I had to take my usual day of rest yesterday after 3 on. :)

I thought the WOD today really exposed my weaknesses -- which is frustrating, but also a good thing. Since ring dips are in my goals, I was glad to get a chance to work on them. I also worked on double unders after class.
4 rounds
Ring Dips
Box Jumps(24/20)
Renegade Rows(35/25)
Ab Mat sit ups

One minute at each exercise and one minute rest between rounds. Score is your total reps.
Results: 252 (65, 65, 63, 59)

On ring dips I used the skinniest band to assist on the first 2 rounds, then upgraded to a slightly thicker, but still skinny, band on the second 2 rounds. I was shooting for 10 each round, which felt very lame for 60 seconds, but hey, that's where I'm at.

The renegade rows were just CRAP. I think I got 7 or 8 at the most on a round. And I was totally doing knee pushups after the first couple. Yikes. On the plus side, I used the 25# dumbbells. I blame the box jumps -- those were getting me completely out of breath, and I have a hard time continuing to breathe while I'm doing pushups or anything else in pushup position.

Overall, a great week, and also a great vacation. I've been able to do 12 workouts since I left home on December 20th. I did my first CrossFit Total at Ultimate CrossFit, my first unscaled benchmark WOD, Annie, at CrossFit King of Prussia, and I got to run outside twice. Awesome. :)

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