Jan 14, 2010

Running on my rest day

The WOD at CF Camden was too brutal for a 4th day workout, so I took an active rest day. A couple of miles probably helped my sore quads more than sitting on my butt anyway. :)

I think I was going pretty fast at the beginning of my run, but I don't have any record of it because I didn't push the button properly to start up my Nike+ sportband. Doh! I'm obsessed with run metrics, so that really pisses me off.

In any case, I've run the route before, and know I went about 1.5 miles at the point that I realized I wasn't recording. From there til the end of my run, the Nike+ says that I did 2.84 miles in 28:24. 10 minutes per mile pace. Boooooo. Running slow sucks.

Husbeetle and I ran on base, then went to the pullup bars by his office afterwards. I did two sets of 2 consecutive pullups, and then 2 single reps. Not much, but hey, it's my rest day. :-p

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