Feb 22, 2010

Bridge Run, rest day and rope climbs

It has been a busy weekend and Monday!

Saturday I was up bright and early to run across a big-ass bridge, and it was really fun! The weather finally did what it's supposed to at this southern latitude, and we had a really beautiful, sunny and warm morning. Unfortunately I was dressed for the weather we've been getting for the last 2 months, so I was way too hot. Oh well. I still had a *great* race.

Little known fact about me -- I love running up hill. Don't know why, but I do. Probably because I'm really good at it. Or because I'm from Pennsylvania, and hills are how we roll. But either way, this run was made for me. The part I didn't like? The downhill. Just put tons of stress on my ankles -- I have no idea how to POSE downhill. Time for some additional studying. Oh yeah, and I wore my flat shoes for the first time on a long run. :)

Official chip time:  27:10, which is a pace of 8:46, and placed me 8th out of 25 in my age group


Sunday was a much-needed rest day. Oddly my legs had been sore all week, but on Sunday they felt awesome. Maybe they were just really anxious for the race. :-p

This morning's WOD made me very nervous when I read it last night... Which means you know it's gonna be a battle in the gym...
5 rounds for time:
9 hang squat cleans (155/95)
3 ascents, legless rope climb
Results:  41:10; 85# cleans, standard rope climbs

A leg-less ascent of the rope might be in my future, but it is not in the realm of possibility right now. While I may have the physical strength necessary, I'm too damn scared to even try it! Climbing the rope with hands and feet together literally makes my heart race. And it's not just from the exertion -- it's like this anxious fear thing and I get all shaky.

The great outcome of doing this WOD is that with each climb, that fear response lessened. After a climb in round 3 or 4 or 5, I would feel my heart beating fast, but it was from the exertion. I wasn't so afraid that I was completely jacked up. I guess the easiest explanation is that I overcame fear by doing the thing that I feared. How freaking powerful is that experience? For me, hugely powerful.

I allowed myself a lot of mental prep time and rest time in this WOD because of fear of falling off the rope - hence the 40 minute finish. But now I know for sure what I'm physically capable of, so I will push myself harder next time to just jump on there and GO, no stopping to think and prep.

I'm glad I downgraded the hang squat cleans because I barely had enough grip left in my forearms to do 85#, I'm not sure how 95# would've panned out. And also, heavy hang cleans wasn't where I was focused today. It was all about climbing the rope.

I found Leah VanHoose's "Why I CrossFit" through a random link on Twitter posted by crossfitnews, and then saw that she's a finalist for Survivor. If she makes it on the show, I might watch it for the first time! Ah, the power of the CrossFit community. :)

Here's here video. To vote for her, go here.

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