May 26, 2010

Three days at CF KoP

For some reason I've been lazy about posting my WODs this week. Time to catch up. :)

But first, shoutout to Donkey -- if you're reading, leave me a comment! Profanity welcomed! :-p

Monday morning I drove to Philly (this week of my trip I'm staying with my in-laws) and hit up CF KoP for the 6:30 WOD. It was fun to be back and see lots of familiar faces. As a bonus Aimee was even teaching the 6:30 class -- I didn't get to see her over Christmas, as she was taking a well-deserved vacation.

We did 4 mini workouts, each 3 minutes long.
  1. Wall ball - as many shots as possible above 10 foot line in 3 mins
  2. Deadlift - as many reps as possible in 3 mins
  3. Row - as many calories as possible in 3 mins
  4. Atlas stone - as many ground to shoulder as possible in 3 mins
  1. Wall ball - 32 @ 14#
  2. Deadlift - 40 @ 95#
  3. Row - 47 w/ regular damper (noticed some people were putting theirs on 10)
  4. Atlas stones - 12 @ 60#
The Atlas stones were interesting to say the least! I have a little bruising on both collar bones, and some bad bruising on my right clavicle. Which made the front squats I did today challenging, but I'm still glad I got to try the stones. I have been intrigued by strongman stuff since they started playing "World's Strongest Man" competitions on ESPN.

Got some good feedback on row from Aimee -- only go back to 11 o'clock on the pull. I will give that a shot next time I'm rowing.

Tuesday was a benchmark WOD, which made me nervous all day, but I was excited to WOD with Steph and Cindy.
As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
400m run
Max pullups

Score is total number of pullups.
Results: 36

If anyone heard a sound during my first round of pullups, that was the sound of me blowing my own mind. I did 6 freaking pullups in a row! Then squeezed out 2 more before I dropped off the bar. Holy hell!

Proof of two things. I perform better when I feel like I'm working out in a supportive environment. And I perform SO MUCH BETTER when I'm eating food that is good for me. I've been focusing on cutting out sugar and dairy for the past few days, and upping the protein, and I'm back to feeling normal, instead of feeling like shit. I love Paleo. Hoping to dial back into being grain free very soon, but I'm just taking baby steps back into it at the moment.

I wish I had written down the rounds, but I think they played out something like this: 8-7-7-6-5-3

After the amazing first round of pullups, I was sooooo wanting to get to 40, but it just didn't happen. I would've been 2 closer, but 2 of my attempts on round 6 didn't quite get chin over the bar. I'm just happy I gutted out 3 good ones that round.

PS - This is another Rx'd benchmark WOD to check off the list! Woot! :-D

Tonight (Wednesday) was a strength day, which I was soooooooooo ready for. Haven't had a good strength day in what feels like forever.

Front squat: 3-3-3-3-3
Weighted ring dips: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Front squats were a bit challenging because of my aforementioned Atlas stone clavicle bruising. Owie! I got somebody's old tshirt out of the lost and found to pad my shoulder, and that really helped for my last three sets. Set #2 was almost a train wreck because I was so distracted by my shoulder hurting.

Results: 95-105-115-125-135

I am happy to report a new PR! My old 1RM was 125, and tonight I did 135 for 3. It was definitely a *struggle* on the way back up for each of the 3 reps, but I made it! What a great feeling! And it was cool to have a little cheering section right there with me, I felt a little bit like a CF rockstar. :-p

Next, it was on to dips. I just worked body weight dips since I can barely do a single body weight ring dip right now. First attempt I missed, then I got the next two. Then the ladies decided I needed to try a muscle up, which I totally wussed out on. My kip was just weak and I know I wasn't focused enough to do it. But I got some good feedback from Jason, and I have some things to practice.

Fourth attempt was a jumping muscle up, I went through transition by jumping and then pressed out of the bottom to do my dip. Fifth attempt was the end of another assisted muscle up, with my feet on a box in front of me. Got the sixth just on the rings, and failed on the seventh.

All in all, fun times, and a great three days of CrossFit. Tomorrow might be a rest day -- my dog seems to have ripped off part of her dew claw, so I have to get her to the vet. Poor girl. On a happier note, SHOPPING! It's so nice to be near stores I like, even if it's only temporary. :-D


  1. Awesome news on those pull-ups girlie!! Way to go! :) Great job on the Front Squats too. You ARE a CF rockstar!

    Hope your doggie is ok. Ouch.

  2. angie's straight up correct. you're a fucking rock star, girl. it was a pleasure watching you PR on the front squats.

    hoping to see you again before you head out.



  3. It was wonderful meeting you in person! I felt like I've known you forever and it was a treat to find that all my expectations were met and exceeded! I wish you were at KoP, not only because I loved watching you kill the WODs but because you pushed me to work harder. You are indeed, a CF rockstar!!!