May 21, 2010

WOD at the Y

Today I decided to hit the local Y and check out their weight room. It wasn't too bad, actually, so that was a pleasant surprise. (Didn't make the long drive out to CF Pittsburgh since the WOD kinda bored me -- 4 rounds: 400m run, 50 squats. Meh.) The had decent pullup stations on both the squat racks, and they even had a 24'' plyo box for me to jump on. Yay! :)

Here's the WOD I came up with, modified from an old WOD I found on CF Camden website.
push jerk (95lbs/65)
knees to elbows
overhead squats (95lbs/65)
box jumps 20"
Results: ~30 minutes

I know, LAME on the time, right? But I found that I was having performance anxiety to be doing this stuff in front of people and it was making my heart race. Very weird. Just my social anxiety acting up, I guess...

I put push jerks in there because after reviewing my video from Grace a couple weeks ago, I realized how much my jerks were sucking. I wasn't locking out before sticking the landing, so I ended up pressing the weight a bit at the end to get it fully overhead and locked out. Ewwww. I guess it was good that I was stuck working out in front of a mirror today, because I able to watch my form. At such a light weight it wasn't super challenging, but hopefully it reinforced good movement.

K2Es... Was basically doing 2 at a time for most of them. Eh. I hate those things.

The whole purpose of paying the 1-day entrance to the Y was to work on some barbell stuff, especially OHS. I just felt like doing them, and then I read this article by Dan John that convinced me I needed some OHS this week. It was a little bit of a bummer not to snatch the weight off the ground. Honestly I feel more stable in the overhead lockout when I've snatched the bar into overhead. But taking the bar off the rack seemed more prudent considering the environment.

Cool down was 15 pullups, max handstand hold (45 seconds-ish), 5 pullups, max handstand hold (30 seconds-ish).  I also did a couple pullups in my warmup, which was the 2nd reason for paying to get into the Y. Surprisingly the outdoor track I used for my "altered" Eva did not have a pullup bar. So strange. Or maybe I am just used to working out on military bases?

OMG, I have no idea why this is so long, sorry to anyone who actually read the whole thing. :)

Oh yeah, one more thing -- I'm now on beyond the whiteboard, so if any of you know how we can be friends on there, or see each other's WODs there, let me know. :)

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  1. Isn't that an odd feeling doing a CF workout in front of people who are not doing CF and don't have a clue what you're doing. It seems as if they have never even heard of exercise at all!