Feb 3, 2010

Quiet Wednesday AM in the box

Usually Wednesday mornings are crazy since we don't have any classes in the evening, but things were really quiet today.

I need to get to the salon for a pedicure (getting ready for my anniversary weekend!), so here's a quick recap of what I did today.

front squat

double unders
med ball cleans (20/14)
ab mat situps
Results: 7:17
Highlight for today -- I did 6 or 7 double unders in a row. Maybe I finally watched enough videos? Maybe it was practicing in my parents' basement between the rafters? Whatever it was, THANK GOD I can do double unders now.  Currently my goal is to do 10 in a row -- I may need to update that if I continue to rock the consecutive double unders...

Now we wait in suspense to find out what my next frustrating movement will be... Knees to elbows is certainly still on that list. Maybe wall balls...

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