Jan 26, 2010

Deadlifts and box jumps

I have to say I wasn't feeling very motivated this morning, and I probably would've opted for 5pm or 6pm if I didn't have a class to attend tonight. I'm finally attending the "new spouse" class, just about 1 year after getting married. :-p

Deadlift 4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1

Did same weight for each couplet -- 115-135-155-165
Sometimes I feel like I get wobbly when I start to come back down? I think I'll take some video next time I go heavy on deadlifts and try to see what the problem is.

As many 24'' box jumps as possible in 3 minutes.

Results: 47

During my warmup, I decided to do kipping pullups instead of working on my deadhangs with the band. All part of my goal of abandoning the band altogether by the end of the month.

To my surprise I did just about 3 in a row on my first set. So I decided to grab my iPod and take a video. And I got 4! Then I took another video, and got 4 again! Still had to do a tiny bit of muscling-up to the bar on the fourth one of both sets, but not as much as a few weeks ago. Hollah!

Kipping Pull-ups -- Jan 26 2010 from c wiss on Vimeo.

In the future, all of my videos will be found on the No Crying in CrossFit channel on Vimeo.

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