Jul 25, 2010

Running, swimming, burpees and double unders

Dammit, I hate "catch up" posts, I really need to get myself back into the habit of posting WODs and workouts here the same day I complete them.

Today we hit the pool for a little bit, and I did 4 rounds of this WOD that was posted there.
10 rounds:
10 pullups
10 pushups
10 4-count flutter kicks
10 squats
I made some modifications to this. When I can't kip, 10 pullups tends to look like 3-2-2-1-1-1 at the satart, and then get worse from there. Doing 5 at a time keeps things moving. Also, I try to do no fewer than 15 squats, so I upped this to 15 squats.

Honestly, there was no intensity on this, I was just trying to bust myself out of a crappy food coma. Saturday was a total waste in terms of food and activity, and Sunday hadn't been going so well either.

When I got home, I headed out to the garage to finally try out some of the muscle up progressions that I was all fired up about last week. I took some videos, which I'll put together for you guys to check out. I mainly did the video so I could compare what I did to what is shown in the "how to" video, and make sure I'm on the right track. Once I have the video, I'll post some thoughts to go along with it.

Friday I coached the morning classes, and my buds Allie and Kirk stuck around to encourage me through the WOD which I did on my own after the 0830 class was finished. They rock. :)
2 rounds for time:
20 double unders
21 burpees
30 double unders
15 burpees
40 double unders
9 burpees

Results:  19:05
I don't know if it was the sickness still hanging on, or what, but damn those burpees felt like they took *forever*. But that was 90 burpees per round, and my time on 100 burpees was 10:43 -- so I don't know if I could get much faster on this WOD. My calves are still sore from it 2 days later, definitely lots of jumping to kill your legs!

Thursday was a REST day. Yay! :)

Wednesday I was feeling the impact of my first 2 WODs after a week off, and I wasn't sure I should do another WOD -- kind of that moment where you're not sure if more exercise will be best, or if what you really need is rest. Since I worked at the pool that day, I decided I would swim and run just to get the body moving, but keep the intensity to a minimum.

During one of my breaks at the pool I did 50 yards of each of the 6 strokes we covered in my Water Safety Instructor course -- front crawl, back crawl (backstroke), breaststroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke and butterfly. Well, for the last one, we'll just say that I did the closest approximation to butterfly that I am capable of. :-p

After work I headed to a trail on base that's 90% shaded -- while I've acclimated to the heat here, exercising in the sun is still something that I can't quite handle. That's a lot of what slowed me down when we did Murph the other day. Anyway, I did about 35 minutes of running -- I'm not sure the exact distance, but it's probably somewhere between 3 and 4 miles. Good times.

Worked all the kinks out, and didn't make me feel worse, so mission accomplished. :)

Coming soon, a compilation of all the Level 1 certification experiences that I've seen in blogs for kelsalynn, who has just signed up for her L1. Woot! :-D


  1. That burpee/double under workout looks like something Satan dreamed up. Seriously hate both of those.

    I"m glad you have a shaded trail to run on. We do our WODs at 5 am, and I feel so sorry for the 4:30 pm and later classes in this horrible heat and humidity.

  2. Oh the burpees. They are such fun! {ugg :)} Coupling them with double-unders... it's no wonder your calves were sore.
    Daniel and I did Albany's WOD on Saturday and I swear to God, I got all but about 3 or 4 of the burpee cards. And the same with the kb swings! And then last night (Sunday) we did Angie. Sheesh, my arms were begging for mercy :) A lot of fun, though - both of the WODs.

    Daniel got the worst of it last night... he had been drinking with our friends before we did Angie. He was sober as could be afterward but in a world of hurt. And I, like a good wife, laughed my butt off at him.

    You know what I love, hearing how you fit Crossfit into your life. You always make a way and it's awesome!