Jun 15, 2010

5000 pounds, WOD backlog

For those subscribed to my feed, I apologize in advance for all the new posts that will be popping up in the next few days. Instead of catching up on the last 4-5 weeks of WODs in one giant post, I'm going to publish separate posts for each WOD. This works best for me because of how I use labels to categorize WODs by the exercises they contain, but will probably cause some annoyance in your feed reader, Sorry in advance!

I am always happy to work on cleans, they are my Oly lifting "happy place". :)

WOD: Clean 7500lbs / 5000lbs for time.

Results: 8:18 -- 50 reps @ 100#

I chose that load because it made the rep count a nice, even 50. It's too far back for me to remember how many reps I was stringing together, but judging from my time, I think I kept up a decent pace overall.

These are the types of workouts where I feel like, yes I know what I'm doing, yes I have some skill, and yes maybe I have something to share with others to help them on their journeys...

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