Jun 11, 2010

AMRAP goodness

AMRAP in 15 min
5 front squats (185lbs/115)
10 chest to bar pull ups
20 double unders
Results: 3 rounds + 5 squats & 5 CTB pullups

Didn't even hit 60% of the male load on this WOD, bummer. But I knew from a workout at CF KoP that my 3RM on front squat was 135, so 5 @ 115 during a metcon sounded not good. Plus (as always) I was taking the bar from the ground, and my 1RM on the clean is still 125.

So anyway, 105 sounded challenging strength-wise, but still do-able to clean from the ground and then squat 5 times in an unbroken set. :)

I honestly can't remember if I did all 4 sets of front squats unbroken, but I think yes? I hope yes. :)

The most time in this WOD was cranking out the pullups. At this point, my kip was still all jacked, so I wasn't kipping my chest up, I was kipping mostly up, and then slowly finishing out the rep. And I'm not sure they were absolutely "true" CTB -- but I know the front of my shoulder touched even if I didn't get the elbows/shoulders back far enough to finish it off.

Happy to report I can still do double unders. :)

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