Dec 27, 2009

Up early on Sunday

Despite staying up waaaaaaay too late last night (just some random insomnia, and working on fixing some stuff in the blog) I still managed to drag myself out of bed to go to the o900 WOD at CF KoP.
For time:
20 Swings, 20 Squats, 10 Pull-ups
18 Swings, 18 Squats, 9 Pull-ups
16 Swings, 16 Squats, 8 Pull-ups
14 Swings, 14 Squats, 7 Pull-ups
12 Swings, 12 Squats, 6 Pull-ups
10 Swings, 10 Squats, 5 Pull-ups
8 Swings, 8 Squats, 4 Pull-ups
6 Swings, 6 Squats, 3 Pull-ups
4 Swings, 4 Squats, 2 Pull-ups
2 Swings, 2 Squats, 1 Pull-up
Results: 23:35 -- 45# kb (which I guess is like 1.25 pood :)) and "floss" - that's the CFKoP name for the tiniest band; love it

There weren't quite enough kettlebells for everybody to get the weight they preferred, so I gave up my 35# bell to someone else and used a 45# bell. It didn't seem that it was the weight that made the swings more difficult -- the handle was just so damn fat, and hard to grip. Then again, it was probably hard to grip since it was 10 pounds heavier than I'm used to. :) I need to find myself some kettlebells with girly-sized handles...

Sometimes with my pullups, I just don't feel focused enough... I told the husband that it's like I just go all limp, like a wet noodle. But on some attempts, it's all there -- the tension builds up and explodes, and I pop myself up. I felt like I started out strong, got noodle-like, and then went back to cranking them out once the sets got shorter. I guess this is all just part of working on consistency...

While I was showering up, I was thinking about the movements in this workout, and realized I could've titled this post the same as yesterday. Hip extension is a crucial part of kettlebell swings, squats and kipping pullups, as well as rowing and thrusters. Then I was thinking that hip extension plays into just about everything we do in CrossFit -- that's something I learned during my introductory classes with CrossFit Camden, and dredged back up out of some forgotten corner of my mind. I love that about CF -- just about every movement that we work on helps us to get better at all the other movements. So damn synergistic. :)

The last two days after finishing the WODs I have been trying to discuss my thoughts on the way females are portrayed in pictures in the CrossFit community and also the way women who do CrossFit have written about the changes that CrossFit creates in their bodies... So far, I don't feel that I've succeeded in communicating my point of view -- there's still some nebulous main point that is eluding me. But I will keep trying to talk and write until I come up with something coherent. And constructive. I don't want to just send a bitchy post out into the blogosphere -- I want to make a point that is actionable, or at least a point that helps me work through my own feelings...

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