Dec 1, 2009

Working on deadlifts

Tonight at the gym the prescribed workout was press, push press and push jerk. Since I'd really like to get rid of this damn pain in my shoulder / back / rib, I opted to work on my deadlift instead.

Started at 95 and progressed up to 175. Started out with 5 reps, then moved down to 3. Got a PR by virtue of the fact that this is the first time I've ever worked on heavy deadlifts.

By the time I hit 175, my back was rounding, and I requested some assistance. After the coaches watched a lift, they determined I was set up too far back -- or, not far enough over the bar, if that's more clear. That was making it hard for me to engage my hamstrings.

I definitely need to get more comfortable with this movement. I'm thinking about adding it to my long list of things I want to work on every day... frog stands, kipping pullups, overhead squats, double unders. I need to make a more structured plan of attack for my weaknesses...

After two days of Celebrex, my shoulder is feeling much better. However, it seems to wear off overnight... so I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning...

Based on today's workout, my projected CrossFit Total would be 355.

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