Dec 15, 2009

Working on front squats

Front squat: 8-8-6-6-4-4
Results: 85-95-100-100-100-100

Metcon: 3 rounds for time.

  • 15 box jumps (20'')
  • 7 handstand push ups
  • 5 burpees
Results: 6:29 (feet over barbell for HSPU)

Considering how much crappy food I've eaten in the last 2-3 days, I'm not surprised I dumped 105 on my first set of 6, and then just stuck with 100 for the rest of the strength stuff. It just wasn't my day. I also forgot to take off my shoes, and my knee was feeling a little "tweaky" after the first 3 sets. Better once I went barefoot.

Metcon was meh. Was nice to do only 5 burpees, after that other brutal workout with back squats and burpees.

Did some frogstand/headstand work, and some kipping pullups after my GHD situps and stretching. Kips are coming along. When I'm not feeling that "middle of a WOD" intensity, that seems to be when I can't quite kip my chin all the way up to the bar. I ended up doing a few half-kip and half-deadhang, and some dead hangs with the white band.

1 comment:

  1. I always do my workouts in bare feet too. I feel like I can lift more, have more balance, move faster... generally accomplish more without shoes.

    I did hand stand push-ups for the first time Monday night... wowza! My trainer made a harness hanging from the pullup bar with the green bands. It was wild the first time I tried it! I got much better at it, thankfully!!
    Too bad I'm not a kid anymore... I use to be awesome at head and hand stands. Not so much now - Ha!