Sep 9, 2011


Have been wanting to do this one again (first time) for a while, I was bummed that it came up on a day where I had to play it safe and not get too sore. But I mentioned to another girl after class that we should get together and grind it out at Rx weight (115) so it may still be in my future. :)

5 rounds
12 deadlift (155/115)
9 hang power clean (155/115)
6 jerk (155/115)

Results: 8:22, 65#

I put 75# on my bar, then changed my mind and took off 5's and added 10's to go to 85. Which I tried, and realized would mess me up. At which point I was pretty much out of time for messing with my weight, so I pulled off the 10's and went. Definitely too light, but it was still a good workout -- more like a barbell complex.

Jerks were messy. I power jerked (push jerk for you CrossFitters) and was pressing out on a bunch of them. I just get wonky when I don't split jerk. But that takes too long during a CF wod.

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  1. I really enjoy to see women Crossfitters!
    Alot of my female friends think Crossfit is to raw and to mandy. But alot of women are way faster and in some areas stronger. So i enjoy to see a women who are doing crossfit! i like that! :) Nice job! By the way go check out my blog. I post new blogs every Tuesday-Thursdag and friday/saturday. please leave a comment or follow me :)! Have a nice day!