Sep 7, 2010


Nope, didn't hit up a casino -- just a 2nd attempt at an interesting WOD I did for the first time last fall.
"Blackjack" or "21"
For time.
Start with 20 push ups and 1 sit up.
Each round reduce 1 push up and add 1 sit up until you reach 1 push up and 20 sit ups.
Results: 32:50

While this was about 6 minutes slower than last time, it was a triumph in my eyes because I did every single pushup with full ROM.

Last time I said:
"This will be a good workout to use as a benchmark as I improve my pushups. I wonder if one day I will be able to do the whole thing with "real" pushups, instead of on my knees. That would kick so much ass. :)"
How fucking cool is that? About 11 months later, and I am kicking ass on pushups. Cause CrossFit works. :)


  1. I haven't done Blackjack in a LONG time and I do not miss it. :) Good job girlie!

  2. It is a good workout indeed. I do 15th version, and i still sux, but my pushups have improved alot. Keep it up :)

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