Apr 12, 2011

CrossFit Games Open Sectionals 11.3

5 min AMRAP of:
Squat clean (50kg)

Results: 10 rounds + 1 squat clean

The week 3 WOD was the first one where the CrossFit "powers that be" really started excluding athletes. Which made me sad. It was absolutely joyous when one of my newer athletes deadlift 100 once for a new PR, and a score of 1 rep on the week 2 workout. Alas, a clean of 110 is definitely something that requires a decent amount of strength and skill to attempt, not for the average newbie...

What was funny to me was that I had the best score of all the females at our gym. And what I got wasn't even half of what the best ladies out there put up on the board! I got to witness some truly amazing performances at my CrossFit Kids Cert this weekend -- I'm talking 25 to 30+ rounds. I love being around STRONG women! So inspiring. :)

Not to mention my girl Steph got 24 rounds + 1 squat clean. How amazingly awesome is that! I am in awe. :)


  1. I think you did AWESOME! I couldn't even do one rep so kudos to you! The fact that you're competing at all is a testament to you!

  2. You did great!! There are some incredibly fit women out there in the world, and we are seeing their results. It's easy to look at our own results and feel inferior, but we have to remember how many people look at US and say "wow...look what they can do!".

    This week's WOD is equally difficult, but I love that they set it up with muscle ups at the end so you can get at least a partial round. MU at the beginning would have cut the competition bigtime!

  3. Did you love the Kids Cert or what? I feel like the 2 days of info was invaluable to how I will coach everyone, kids and adults!

    Your score is great! The weight is definitely not for the weak.