Aug 9, 2010

Big loads going overhead, videos

Strength + metcon today, so you know I was happy. :)
Strength: Push press 1-1-1-1-1-1

Results: 85-90-95-105-115-125
Everything went up fairly easy except the 125. I did lose my balance a bit and move my feet, which I think technically fails the rep? But I'm counting it since I know I didn't rebend the knees at all to try to jerk it. I can remember having that problem last time I worked push press.

I AM SO STOKED ABOUT THIS NUMBER! How amazing that I am putting that much weight over my head! Last time I tested this lift, I maxed out at 95. 30 pound PR baby! Woot!

After strength it was time for a metcon.
3 rounds:
50 double unders
25 wall balls

Result: 13:16
I should've been so much faster on this. Definitely didn't achieve anything close to 23 DUs this time, but I was able to get a couple sets of 10+.

I did a lot of resting in this metcon. When I start to try to push push push, I lose focus and miss attempts at both DUs and wall balls. I have to take a deep breath, focus, and start again.

Considering how angry and frustrated DUs used to make me, I'm glad I can maintain my focus, but at some point I need to do that without taking so much rest. I'll figure it out.

Cool video one of our coaches put together. Look for me in the colorful outfit with the blue socks. :)

Messed around with this butterfly technique today, and got a few singles out of it. Very neat! Take a quick second to watch and try it out. You know it's gotta be good if it's coming from Chris Spealler. :)


  1. Awesome! Just about everything you said was pretty cool.

    Someday I will be able to do pull-ups and I will not hate them so much. Today is not the day. I'm sure now that I'm saying this, there will be a billion pull-ups for the workout today. I also hate push-ups, which is unfortunate since I've been told to improve one you do the other.

  2. Nice Push Press numbers girlie!! That is awesome!!!

    I've never tried a buttefly pullup. Great video instruction.