Aug 5, 2010

Scaling deadlifts

Sooooo, yesterday I broke the rules of scaling, and used a load because I wanted to be closer to Rx. Please note -- DO NOT DO THIS.
Deadlift (275/175)
Results: 17:15 @155

Before I talk about deads, let me just say that I forgot how to kip AGAIN. Note to self -- you must never go more than 1 week without practicing high rep kipping pullups (minimum of 25 reps). I've been doing deadhangs at the pool for so many weeks that I lost my kipping mojo again -- and no I won't bother linking to my early summer posts where I rip on myself for "losing" my pullups. Ick. No one wants to revisit that.

I was doing my sets of 21 and 15 in onsie-twosie fashion, then on the set of 9, BAM, I was kipping and did 3 sets of 3. Good thing I was working out alone between coaching the 0630 and 0830 classes because I was certainly yelling the F word during those first two sets of pullups. :-p

So, deadlifts... I took forever to get setup for this WOD, and had two bars loaded with various weights to try, even though I knew what load I should use. 135 - 145 -- no brainer. 175 was out of the question, since my 1RM is still right around 200. But because I'm stubborn I still messed around with a bar at 165, and then decided to do 155. My 3RM is 170. So it didn't take long for me to be doing 2 reps at a time on my set of 21. Not exactly what you're going for on a couplet like this. It should be hard and fast like Fran. Things stayed onsie-twosie pretty much the whole WOD.

Anyway, by the last set, the pulls were getting ugly, but my time was so awful I just kept pounding through. And so my back is tight today. Not in an "I tweaked it" sort of way, but more than an "I challenged myself."

Though I don't know... Sometimes I wonder where the line is? I tend to shrink back from heavier deadlifts in WODs, but with other lifts (cleans, snatches, OHS) I am more willing to just go for it and see what happens. And maybe that is why my deadlift numbers are so low in comparison to my other lifts?

Ideally I would like to try to do PTP again... I really think the short time I did it helped tremendously, and at least from that I have my form locked in enough to help my athletes perform the movement correctly.

Great list of frequently asked questions from CrossFit Park City.

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