Aug 11, 2010

Interesting chipper, lots of questions

I envisioned this WOD taking *forever*, but it really wasn't that bad. I could improve my time on this one, but I was pretty happy with the work I did.
4 rope climbs
50 thrusters (45/25)
400m run
50 thrusters
1 mile run
Results: 22:39 Rx; time for 1 mile: 9:32

The 4 climbs went well! I used the "standard" rope around the leg technique to go up, and then experimented with different feet placements to come back down again.

Rope Climbs from c wiss on Vimeo.

For some explanation about the different stuff I was trying, check out this video on rope climbing tips from

Our gym is talking about having another Paleo challenge... And I'm not sure how I feel about it. At the start of our last challenge I had been eating Paleo on my own for several months, had seen excellent results in losing fat and improving performance, and was super gung-ho about getting others on board.

Then the challenge started, and all hell broke loose. Some kind of latent adolescent rebellion kicked in, and suddenly didn't want to eat Paleo because now I "had to".

And honestly, my Paleo mojo has been majorly fucked up ever since. To the point where I'm reading "The Primal Blueprint" and eating a bowl of ice cream.

Recently I read a blog post -- Is Competition Always Good? -- that was good food for thought.
[O]verall, I think this kind of competition is counterproductive. I’m not saying “don’t run a 5K” or don’t challenge yourself in a way that feels right to you. I am saying that the challenge or competition mentality, when it comes to our bodies and our health, is probably more of a distraction than a help. I think it pushes us into a more narrow definition of what’s acceptable for ourselves.
I can't find the link, but I also read a blog post once about a woman who started a challenge, and had it derail her from a good routine because she wasn't able to be a perfect competitor. So, if I can summarize, she had a good thing going, hitting the gym regularly, doing her thing, good results. Then the gym started a challenge -- you know the drill, start with a benchmark WOD, 6 weeks, repeat benchmark WOD. She had this grandiose plan about how she would "pump up" her current routine so that she would blow her old time away at the end of the challenge. But the pressure to be a perfect competitor completely stalled her ability to even continue what she had been doing. She stopped going to the gym completely because she wasn't able to do it perfectly, as the perfect competitor.

Hope that made sense to you guys -- I'm bummed I can't remember what blog that story came from.

Today I read a post on PaleoChix, which is the first in a series of posts about members of CrossFit Scotsdale who have participated in a Paleo Challenge. This post had a very positive outcome for the athlete.

I'm left wondering if they'll include a story that turned out badly for the athlete, like what happened with me. Where a person that had made a relaxed and gradual switch to Paleo found themself derailed by the challenge, because it created pressure to adhere to a perfect standard.

Thoughts from you all? Have you done a Paleo challenge?  If you have, did you like or dislike it? Did it help or hurt your overall efforts?

For 2 weeks earlier this month I had the opportunity to assist with teaching swimming lessons at our pool on base, since I had just completed (and thankfully passed!) my Red Cross Water Safety Instructor course.

And you know what? I'm pretty good at helping little kids learn how to swim. Except the making them submerge when they don't want to part, I am not good at that yet. But other stuff, I'm pretty good at.

It was so fun to see the students in the 2 classes I helped with progress! They worked so hard, and learned a ton, and never gave up, and had so much fun and were so excited.

And so now I'm seriously thinking about signing up for the CrossFit Kids certification, especially because one is being held in Atlanta soon, and that's actually within driving distance for me...

Some additional inspiration came from:
 - Melli: CrossFitting Kids
 - Raw CrossFit: Imagine if you CrossFit as a kid
 - Miss Jovina

Those of you who CrossFit and have kids -- let me know your thoughts on CF Kids. Are your children already too busy with other sports to participate? Or is it something they would enjoy making time for? Would you like your kids to have class at the same time as you? Or at a different time so you can watch them and maybe participate a little bit in their class?

CrossFit Is A Gateway Drug
I think metabolic conditioning is our “bait” – it’s the bright shiny object we use to reel them in.
 Did CrossFit draw you in with the "great sweat" workouts, and then you found yourself becoming obsessed with barbell lifts or gymnastics? This was true for me, so I'm just curious if it was true for you guys too?


  1. Hmm... let's see, I tend to do better w/ challenges that I give myself- where I'm the only one competing. I, too, question or doubt myself more with it's a big competition. I'm hard on myself as it is (sounds like you're the same way) so coming in 2nd even if it's a FRIENDLY competition, is not at all motivating for me. It's far too stressful and it takes the "WHY" out of eating healthy. I start doing it to "win" as opposed to because it's what's best for me and my body.

    Not sure if that makes sense. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think you're crazy and if you don't think you'll have fun with the competition, or it won't motivate you anymore than you already are, don't do it. Simple :)

    My dream is for my hubby to open CF gym and I start a CF Kids program in the afternoons. I'd work PT in the mornings and do the CF kids in the afternoon. That would be amazing. GOOD LUCK and keep us all posted on what you decide!

    (longest comment award?)

  2. I struggle with not being perfect/best at something. And the thing is, there is very little I can say I am "best" at in my life. I'm getting much better lately, not sure why! I think I'm realizing that if I can be content to practice and becoming better, that IS the best for me.
    I doubt I would take part in the paleo challenge if it was a local thing to me. I feel that in some instances, competitions like that can potentially cause divisiveness/insecurity because they aren't striving to make all involved better but to see who is the best. And when it comes to our health and fitness we should be each others biggest cheerleaders!

    Anyway, we CrossFit with our kids, as I have mentioned before. I've taken Eve with my on several occasions, to the barn when I was living in NY. We regularly run WODs for the kids out in the garage gym, and I've thrown around the idea of starting a once a week WOD with the neighborhood kids. I think you should absolutely go for it. It's only going to take you to another level and improve your skills. And think of the potential little lives you will be impacting for the good!

    Have a great vacation!

  3. First of all, that workout looks brutal. OMG! 100 thrusters! In the same day?! *yikes*

    Interesting about the pressure we put on ourselves to meet a challenge and strictly adhere to something. I used to be so rigid about things like that, to the point of obsession, for which I spent many hours and thousands of dollars in therapy. Yes. I. Did. Now, with some age and wisdom (ha ha) I try not to put that pressure on myself. I am doing Primal Blueprint, and guess what? I eat some ice cream now and then. Even if we were in a "challenge" I would still allow myself some off-program items because...well, because I don't do well with "rigid" and "perfect" these days, and that's ok.

    As for the CF kids - man, I wish I had CF when I was a kid, and I would love to see it become a standard thing for kids to be doing. Think of how it would end childhood obesity!!!