Mar 14, 2011

Gate River Run 15K

No, that's not a typo in my blog title -- I ran a 15K on Saturday morning.

A 15K with a 2 mile hill. The top of the hill is also the mid-point of a very long, and tall, bridge.

Yes, I did lay down on the ground for a little while after I (finally) crossed the finish line.

Here's my stats:

5K 00:33:15
10K 01:06:43
Chip 01:42:54
Final 01:47:32
Pace 00:11:05

A far cry from my hoped-for pace of 10 minutes/mile -- but hey, what do you expect when you haven't been doing any high mileage training runs? I did do a 5.5 miler last weekend, and I'm glad I did because I think it really cut down on my post-race soreness.

To help combat soreness, I also spent about 30-45 minutes with my lacrosse balls, stretch bands and yoga mat in the parking lot after the race. I still felt pretty tight even after doing all that on race day, but today is 2 days after and I'm feeling pretty much fine. Yay for no DOMS!

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