Mar 28, 2011

Mud Run

Saturday I did a mud run that raised money for multiple sclerosis. Even though it was for a good cause, and by doing it I was helping out a friend, it still just sucked!

I had a lot of theories about why I had such a bad time at my first mud run, but this one clinched it -- I just hate them, no extra reasoning or logic required. The chick who tries everything has finally found something that's a major turn-off.

And it's not that I'm a super girly-girl, far from it. But purposefully submerging into muddy water several times, and then feeling nauseous when you finish because you probably swallowed some amoebas? Not for me.

Getting your feet wet on purpose and then running 6-7 miles? Not for me.

My attitude was not helped by the fact that I still felt like shit (a la Thursday's pitiful attempt at the sectionals WOD), and was the slowest person and only female on the team I was with.

Oh well, I'm just glad it's over, and honestly I don't even care what our time was!

I felt so beat down on Sunday that I skipped the sectionals WOD do-over, and my score is officially 2 rounds + 24 DUs. Oh well. Maybe I'll get the chance to redeem myself in the next 5 weeks. We'll see what CF HQ comes up with.

Still feeling like crap today, so I'm taking it easy again. I am going to take the dog out for a super-long walk this afternoon just to get my legs stretched out. I had an adjustment at the chiropractor this morning, and that helped some. Back to WODs tomorrow.


  1. Sorry you're still not feeling 100%. Take it easy and save up for WOD #2!!

    And thank you. You just solidified my thoughts about a mud run. I could never imagine myself purposefully getting muddy, and when these mud runs come up, I always think "maybe I should" but no, no thank you. I shall never do one, thanks to you. You give solid reasons for not ever doing it!!

  2. Hope you are getting to feeling better! Thanks for the post on the mud run. I've thought about doing one, and I've done the Muddy Buddy race, which is super fun, but this? Doesn't sound fun. Running with wet feet is so no cool...even for charity.