Jan 13, 2011

Going to failure

Wanted to find a good upper body strength component for today's workout at the gym on base, so I Googled "press push press jerk".

This lovely popped up, and 4 of us tried it out this morning. 8 thumbs up!

3 rounds of shoulder press – push press – push jerk
With a weight you can shoulder press for 6-8 reps and without racking or dropping the bar do shoulder presses until failure,  then push presses to failure, and then push jerks to failure.
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

Used the 45# barbell.
Round 1: 14 - 12 - 3
Round 2: 7 - 10 - 4
Round 3: 9 - 7 - 6

Tried to push (power) jerk, but it just feels so awkward to me now. By round 3 I just did a regular (split) jerk, and felt a lot better.

To finish up, we did a quick untimed metcon.

walking lunges

We were all grunting on the lunges by the end, so I think it was good. :-D

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  1. We have done one round of that workout before as a warm up...it was fun, but I couldn't believe how quickly I failed on the Push Jerk. Good job - your numbers are awesome!