Jan 19, 2011

TGU's are ruining my shoes

Another nice relaxing WOD at the gym on base. I used to hate working out there, but I truly love my AM workouts with friends these last few weeks. Sucks that I'm moving 30 minutes away to be closer to the gym I coach for now.

3 rounds:
15 wall ball shots (used 12#)
10 Turkish get-ups, each side (20# kettlebell)
15 knees to elbows

No timer on this one.

My friend did 10 total the first round, and stuck with that. I did 10 each side, then 8 each side, then 5 each side. Went for 5 in a row each arm, but the left arm was too weak. I think I was doing 3's by the last round on the left.

The part where you "bridge" your hips up, and then sweep your leg through and put your knee down -- well I guess I scraped my shoe on the ground a lot, because I'm missing from rubber. The toe rubber of the Nike's I've been wearing do not hold up well from burpees, pushups or TGUs. Boo.

After the WOD I did the "B" day from my pullup program.

On the minute for 10 minutes:
6-10 second hold with chin above bar. Used pullup grip.

One the minute for 10 minutes:
6-10 second negative. Had to switch to a station with neutral grip for first 7 sets, then I did a wide-ish pullup grip for the last 3 sets.

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